Ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your Brand Assets

What is a Brand Asset? From a product lifecycle position a brand asset is everything from concept, product specification, sensitive commercial data through to photography, design and print ready artwork.

Digital transformation in recent years has disrupted traditional models of the product development process. Applications that manage ideation, product specification, pack and labeling approval have become tools we can’t live without.

Many of these applications have been introduced through vendor innovation, offering value-add solutions to complement and streamline the product development process, usually in response to competition and price pressure. This model has traditionally avoided IT involvement, not required a business case or explicitly consumed any capital or operational expense budgets.

So what’s the problem? On the surface, nothing, until you want to switch supplier. Unplugging a vendor that has provided a software solution as a value-add service leaves you with a problem. Removing the vendor will often mean losing the solution. At best you’ll get your data back, but in what format? Without the solution managing that data, it’s often of little or no use in real terms.

Implementing an effective suite of product compliance, specification, digital asset and artwork approval tools ensures you have freedom of choice when reviewing your service provider supply chain. Secure software applications that meet or exceed corporate information security standards, as well as comply with legal data retention requirements are critical in the current digital and regulatory landscape.

Can you ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of your brand assets and intellectual property?

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Opal Artwork is implemented and fully supported by an experienced team of private brand and CPG process management consultants. Configured to meet and evolve with your business processes and the latest industry best practices, Opal Artwork is trusted by some of the most successful retailers globally to develop, grow and protect their private brand portfolios.

Opal BPM are Oracle™ Gold Partners with a specific focus on implementing and supporting Oracle Brand Compliance™, the market leading product safety, supplier management and product launch platform used by leading private brand retailers and CPG brands globally.

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