Key steps to success when implementing product launch and artwork approval software

Implementing any enterprise software solution requires planning and a commitment from both the business and key stakeholders to get the best value from the opportunity. A product launch and packaging artwork approval solution is no different, here we look at some of the key steps to success and wider considerations when choosing a solution.

Getting the right people is key

Your chosen software vendor must have a deep understanding of what your market requires, have domain expertise of current industry practices and know what works in specific scenarios based on your goals. Equally, this should be complemented with subject matter experts from within your business to deliver a complete picture. Rarely does a single person or department have a complete understanding of the complex product launch process.

Flexibility to suit your requirements

No two retailers and their private label processes are the same. Your artwork approval software must adapt to your specific business needs (and that of your supply chain). Whether that’s shrink wrapping the way you currently work or moving you towards new improved levels of performance and efficiency – a tool that evolves with you is essential. Changes to your team structures, your supply chain and business processes must all be taken into account, with responsive agility and no disruption.

Opportunities to evolve

With the right balance of people, product and process, implementing an artwork approval and product launch solution will deliver for the long term enabling greater transparency, efficiency, cost reduction and faster, safer product launches.

Before deciding what tool to implement, considering how you’ll implement is equally important.

- Review and refine the way you approach and understand your current business process

- Prepare to challenge existing ways of working and get visibility of industry trends

- Redefine how you collaborate with suppliers and across departments and teams

- Apply industry best practice to your product launch, labeling and artwork processes

- Gather data to enable deep business insights to drive further process efficiencies

Are you buying a software license, a generic solution offering or a turnkey solution with lifetime support?

We believe our customers need a proven solution, that is configured to meet their needs through consultation and with consideration of how the wider private label and CPG markets are moving. In such a fast moving space, any tool needs to evolve with your business, and be fully supported along the way by a dedicated team with robust service level agreements.

Opal Artwork is trusted by some of the most successful private label retailers globally to develop, grow and protect their brands.

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