Do your brand management tools help you continually improve?

The software tools we use daily, for product lifecycle management, specification and art approval help us manage and launch products to market far more efficiently than we ever have, especially when compared to an analogue process with job bags and even physical print outs.

On demand, we can see what products are on shelf, the ingredients they contain or who approved a label artwork. So, have all the benefits of technology been gained and delivered?

We think digital tools are just the start of the efficiency cycle.

Introducing software to manage the process of launching branded products to market have created new inefficiencies which may not be immediately visible.

Very often, we see software implemented that is effectively a digital version of the original analogue process. The opportunity to leverage the tools to maximize business process efficiency is easily lost without external perspective and insight to wider industry trends.

Inflexible tools, lack of configurable options, mouse-click intensive and slow or unreliable applications also adds drag to the efficiency you can and should expect.

With consistent data capture, there should be effective reporting and regular analysis. Having the ability to report on process efficiency, bottle necks, number of artwork review cycles, category performance and more are critical metrics that allow evidence based, proactive decision making.

Are your brand management tools and processes driving continual improvement?

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