What is the importance of connected applications?

Artwork management tools are often standalone solutions that specialize in getting packaging artwork reviewed and approved by the right person at the right time. At face value, they operate independently and don’t need to receive or share data with other enterprise systems.

Over the last decade, we have seen Opal Artwork move from a standalone artwork management tool, to being a mission critical component in the private brand and CPG product lifecycle toolset that works with a variety of enterprise systems to deliver greater visibility, efficiency and agility.

Being able to automatically trigger art approval workflows from product management solutions, such as Oracle Brand Compliance™, accept art files from graphic service providers production workflows or deliver print ready files to press without human intervention is smart use of proven technology.

Here are some examples of Opal Artwork integrations to consider when choosing or reviewing your product lifecycle and artwork management platforms:

  • Send and receive data between master product and specification systems*
  • Single sign-on capability to centralize user password management*
  • Delivery of approved artwork to color management applications
  • Sending financial data to central accounting systems
  • Data warehouse integration to enable cross system reporting
  • Image and key product information to maintain ecommerce data integrity
  • Post launch tools that monitor brand experience and product performance

*Out of the box integration between Opal Artwork and Oracle Brand Compliance™.

These integrations promote data integrity, eliminate repetitive manual tasks and inform decision makers with a single version the truth - we think this is the importance of connected applications.

Our team of private brand and CPG industry analysts have experience working with best in class software solutions to help develop, grow and protect your product portfolio throughout the entire lifecycle.

To find out more about Opal Artwork, Oracle Brand Compliance™ or to dig deeper on any topic from our Opal Insight series, please call us:  +44 (0)20 7014 1400.

Opal Artwork is implemented and fully supported by an experienced team of private brand process management consultants. Configured to meet and evolve with your business processes and the latest industry best practices, Opal Artwork is trusted by many of the most successful retailers globally to develop, grow and protect their private brand product portfolios.

Opal BPM are Oracle™ Gold Partners with a specific focus on implementing and supporting Oracle Brand Compliance™, the market leading product safety, supplier management and product launch platform used by leading private label retailers and CPG brands globally.


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